About Us 香港手信曲奇

Before we introduce Mr Rich, our hip cookie brand, let's begin with a story. Our protagonist is a "returning expatriate" from the west coast of USA. On the eve of his fiancee's birthday, knowing that she is a big fan of pastry and delicacies, he spent hours secretly working on baking recipes in hopes of giving her a big surprise at her party. His cookies were so tender and fluffy such that none of the guests attending believe they were his creations.

One of the female guests opened up Mr Rich Instagram page as an April fool's prank, claiming the page is run by a mysterious male chef. Very soon, the story of a man in black suit making late night cookies delivery at the city's (Hong Kong) subway station has become an urban legend among Generation Y girls in town. This is the romance behind our magical chef Mr Rich's journey to master the art of bakery!

香港 手信 曲奇 

香港門市: 九龍旺角地鐵站E2出口彌敦道636號銀行中心廣場1/F 128-129號舖


TEL - 9659 7700

EMAIL - mrrich@mrrichbakery.com